Frank White

About Us

      Hi, my name is Aurelius Sopax a.k.a. Frank White. I am a Black Magician and Master Sorcerer. What that means is I actually work with spiritual forces (Demons, Angels, Spirits of the Dead, Godforms) and call them up to cause an effect in the physical world.


     I focus on you gaining more power as a man. That means what is provided through this website is Forbidden Knowledge that can be used to empower you beyond your wildest dreams. Every area of your life.


     This website is for all those who seek power and hunger for knowledge. Forbidden Knowledge, things humans probably should not know…… but there are ways this kind of knowledge can be obtained.


     I´ve been in tune with the Spirit World since I was a child and I have many years of training in the Black Arts. I´ve been moulded by many Black Magick Lodges and Orders, have studied under many mentors, human and Non-Human and have become a Black Master and Adept myself.


     It is my mission to manifest the Adversarial Spirit and Lucifers Rebellion on this Earth. This is done by empowering all those who seek Power with Forbidden Knowledge.

Embrace your Evolution.

Rebellion, Liberation, Mastery

– Aurelius Sopax a.k.a. Frank White